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Aquaman, the unaired pilot [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Aquaman, the unaired pilot

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A small fic offering [Apr. 19th, 2007|01:24 pm]
Aquaman, the unaired pilot

Sooo... I just finished watching the pilot and my immediate reaction was "MORE!" But, since there is no more (*sob*), I wrote some fic instead.

Not Much of a Reader
(Gen | G | A.C. | 250 words)
Genres/Plot summary: Gen. Shakespeare isn’t exactly your idea of fun.
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Hello! [Dec. 28th, 2006|05:16 pm]
Aquaman, the unaired pilot

[mood |busy]

I just recently watched the pilot for Aquaman, or Mercy Reef if you will, last night and I really enjoyed it. I know this community has seen basically no action since it was created but I thought I'd try to boost things up. I was really disappointed that the CW did not pick it up. I thought it was really good and had a lot of potential.

Anyways, here are some links to pictures and other info about the show.

You can watch the entire pilot here for free. It's basically just like YouTube.

You can find pictures and other info at JustinHartley.net and more specifically at the gallery.

This is also another little site for the show called AquamanTV.com.

Enjoy! :)
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2006|11:54 pm]
Aquaman, the unaired pilot

I really hope someone else can make stellar icons...cuz this is all I got :)


The Icons Under the CutCollapse )
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Why this community? [Sep. 5th, 2006|06:22 am]
Aquaman, the unaired pilot

After watching the Aquaman pilot, which wasn't picked up in the spring of '06 by the CW for the fall line-up, I immediately scrambled to my trusty LJ, looking for icons, news, and pretty much anything else related to Aquaman. So, surprise me, there turned out to be no communities or anything related to the TV show, at least that I could find. Thus, the beginning of the LJ community Mercy_Reef. Now, I've never started a community or moderated one (or created any artwork for one!), so any help from people coming in is welcome!
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